Taste that reminds you the heart of home



Taste that reminds you,
the heart of home.

Going back to our venezuelan roots,  We must have to mention "the Orinoco River Delta", 40,200 square kilometers of water, mangroves, palms, ravines, hamlets, people and jungle silences barely broken, during the day by singing more exotic birds than memory may remember.


A river flows from the entrance of the Land of Grace. The waters of the high Andean mountains, of the vast plains, of the dense jungle run to it until it becomes a sweet sea that through its maze of pipes pours its lioness waters into the ocean.


The Waraos form the oldest human group in Venezuela, estimating their presence in their ancestral habitat, the Orinoco Delta, for about 8,000 or 9,000 years. 


Within its language, we find that the word "Makobo" is translated into English as "Heart", and this is for us what this brand of coffee represents: the heart of a home, a kitchen, a pleasant conversation or a treasured moment. Coffee is the perfect excuse for an encounter and Makobo the accomplice of a familiar flavor, that reminds us of home. 

Proudly texan...

we are a venezuelan Family who adopted texas and texans traditions like  owned... We grew up enjoying the most rich family reunions and conversations surrounded by the strongest and freshest cup of coffee that we can remember. 

Having decided Houston was going to be our new living setting, the quest to find those familiar flavors that connect to the place you call home began. been Coffee, in the top of the list, we spent a lot of time touring micro roasters to make our own blend of coffee, and we selected the purest combination of beans from the best harvest locations around the world. That is how Makobo Coffee was born from our home  to yours.

Now we are offering our coffee and providing Texans and any coffee lover around the world with the freshest beans and friendliest family style service. We have one goal in mind: provide you with the opportunity to experience truly fresh, gourmet roasted coffee right in your own home.